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XMAS sale :)

November 25, 2010

Our fresh XMAS Freshener and merry Van Gogh’s Ear as a Pencil holder are available in our Worldwide Mystake E-shop now!


Devoted to Van Gogh

November 17, 2010

Our already became famous Van Gogh ears – pencil holders will be soon available in a gift shops.

The most famous ear on the planet! (The title was seized away only in 1997 – by Evander Holyfield’s ear.)

The most famous. The one, though with some reservation. Van Gogh’s ear as a pencil, brushes, extraordinary pens and ordinary ballpens holder.

Its sophisticated suction cup reliably secures the ear on any surface – no chance to fall! Moreover, it easily holds a couple of pencils without fall.

The idea to hold a pencil behind his ear came upon Van Gogh in February 1888 to be immortalized in February 2008 by designer Dima Komissarov. Van Gogh is au courant: certainly shocked, but doesn’t actually mind.


They came from production in such a cool gift boxes:

With funny “Vincent Genuine parts” lettering on the back 🙂 (Is it great to create everything you want?)

And usual poster with shocked Vincent for sure:

Xmas Freshener

November 11, 2010

Mystake proudly presents new fresh (very fresh) Xmas Freshener Christmas glass toys.

You can add fragrance beads into the toy to finish the idea. Pine tree fragrance – for the green toy, and oranges&dreams – for the orange one.


In such a boxes:

Xmas poster:

World’s Famous Van Gogh’s Ear as a Pencil Holder

October 21, 2010

The most well-known ear on the planet as a pencil, brushes, extraordinary pens and ordinary ballpens holder.

Dima Komissarov at Mezzanine magazine

April 8, 2010

Dima Komissarov

Mezzanine wrote about Dima Komissarov and his famous Hopside Down beer glasses.

New Colossal Mystake’s Emblem

March 9, 2010

World changes. Mystake changes. We always dreamed about our Crest. With the Globe, trumpets, angels and canons. And now we are proud to announce the fabulous and the greatest new Mystake’s Crest!

Mystake Emblem

And why did you think, the world keep going… Mystake rules!

Anthology of modern art on Mystake “Coffee Art” Paper Napkins

February 24, 2010

Series of Mystake “Coffee Art” Paper Napkin Sets were opened with “Café Florian” (Juarez Machado) painted by realistic footprints of a coffee cup.

So if you see coffee prints on a new paper napkin, be sure it’s not a mistake. It’s a famous Mystake!

Ask in best cafes of your town and in TheGreatMystakes store!

Author: Dima Komissarov & Circus Minds