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Devoted to Van Gogh

November 17, 2010

Our already became famous Van Gogh ears – pencil holders will be soon available in a gift shops.

The most famous ear on the planet! (The title was seized away only in 1997 – by Evander Holyfield’s ear.)

The most famous. The one, though with some reservation. Van Gogh’s ear as a pencil, brushes, extraordinary pens and ordinary ballpens holder.

Its sophisticated suction cup reliably secures the ear on any surface – no chance to fall! Moreover, it easily holds a couple of pencils without fall.

The idea to hold a pencil behind his ear came upon Van Gogh in February 1888 to be immortalized in February 2008 by designer Dima Komissarov. Van Gogh is au courant: certainly shocked, but doesn’t actually mind.


They came from production in such a cool gift boxes:

With funny “Vincent Genuine parts” lettering on the back 🙂 (Is it great to create everything you want?)

And usual poster with shocked Vincent for sure:

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